The Fountain of Youth : The Body (9781606931806) – by Peter RajaRam

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“I was inspired to write this book because I saw countless people suffering from aging symptoms, overweight and the obvious problems that followed, and the unnecessary amounts of money being spent on exercise equipment that will only be used for a few months. I thought to myself “If they only new what I knew!” The books you find on the shelves that are similar to mine are primarily about Exercise and Training, Bodybuilding, Anti-aging, Diet, or Holistic and Nutrition books. The Fountain of Youth is not any of these types of books, but it has all of those components in it. This makes it well rounded and inclusive of all of these things that are necessary to understand the Fountain of Youth as a whole. Since my background encompasses all of these fields, I wanted to incorporate it into one book. I take you through a journey with me on how I think, what I do and did in my real life experiences. You can follow me though a journey that will definitely change the way you think and do things.” … Peter RajaRam

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