The Elephant in the Room – by Emily Sutcliffe

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A disconnected young man saves the life of his beautiful neighbor, for whom he carries a torch. After the depressed woman tried to kill herself, he learns she has no memory of her past. Finn’s obsession becomes a quest to help Roxanne remember her background and is also an excuse to avoid facing his own demons.

Finn discovers that Roxanne lost her husband in a car accident and has a young daughter living with in-laws. Although Finn’s attempt to reunite mother and child could destroy the tenuous bond between them, it also motivates him to reconnect with his own painful past. Finn’s fear of exposing himself emotionally has prevented him from truly experiencing life.

With Finn’s help, Roxanne remembers her past and is able to embrace her future. The author believes the evolution of her characters from self-preserving isolation to hope and, ultimately, to redemption mirrors her own hopes for the human race.

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Keywords:- Dramatic Fiction, Conquering Inner Demons, Memory, Hope, Redemption.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense.

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