The Elemental Staff: Book One: The Spreading Darkness—Evolved – by S.L.H. Tolley

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While the prophecy, the scratchings of someone driven out of his mind by events to which he was a witness, warned of what is about to unfold, it’s known only to a few.
Largely dismissed, similarities are slow to be recognised. Yet, for those about to be caught up, what weight do words carry that were scratched during the age of fire and destruction, generations beyond count ago?
Plans have been laid, invasion has been ordered, and the lives of those who dwell upon the land will be forever changed.
Unaware and unprepared defenders are destined to face organised, disciplined, and well-led imperial forces of the Trigod Empire.

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Keywords:- War, Invasion, Empire, Campaign, Defiance, Advance, Withdrawal.

Genres:- Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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