The Eighth Dimension – by Colbby

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A mysterious ring of light appears in Kevin’s bedroom and voices urge him to come through the ring.  He does so and appears in another world where he is mistaken for a god.  He manages to help the people but makes an enemy of the chief priest Harlan.  Harlan makes an attempt to seize power but is foiled and flees through the ring of light taking all the jewel stones with him.  Kevin needs the jewel stones to make the apparatus that generates the ring work so that he can return to his own world, and is forced to follow Harlan into yet another world where men are farmed for food by creatures that have been created from bionic experiments on cats.  The world is blighted by atomic war and germ warfare that has killed all the animals making man as the only food source for the cats.  Can Kevin retrieve the stones he needs and do anything to help win the war?

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Keywords:-Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Children, Adult Series.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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