The Domino King – by St. Clair Sonny

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Which country will win the very first World Domino Championship? Will it be Brazil, Saint Lucia, England, or Jamaica, the hot favourites?

Chad Martin and his playing partner, Lee Chandler, are reluctant recruits representing England.

Chad has been struggling desperately to cope with everything happening in his life. He’s lost everything, including his business, fiancée, house, and his cherished BMW sports car. Having reached bottom, Chad is at the point of committing suicide.

Linda Knight, who was jilted by Chad, is the only one prepared to help him, despite her parents’ strong opposition. Linda is the one who persuaded Chad and his partner to take part in the competition. But before they can take part in the games, they have to pass the selection process, come through victorious after the English championship rounds, and finally battle it out against other national teams.

With Linda’s support, Chad embarks on the near impossible and historic venture. His path to victory is filled with romance, excitement, danger, obstacles, disappointments, heartache, and surprises. Will this once downtrodden man win the very first Word Domino Championship and be crowned The Domino King?

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Keywords:- Romantic Thriller, Love Story, Drama, Adventure, Domino Games, Achievement, Desire for Success.

Genres:- Romance.

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