The Casserole Brigade – by Joan Conning Afman

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Mandi Meredith Briggs is forty-two and her biological clock is ticking. After being deserted just before her wedding date ten years earlier, she is wary of men and romance. Humiliated, she moved back home to live with her opinionated mom and nana in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Mandi takes a part-time secretarial job at the local Presbyterian church, only to fall madly in love with the handsome minister, Kenyon Carver. But there’s a fly in the ointment! Kenyon is married, and Mandi would never do anything to hurt his marriage. But Kenyon’s wife has just run off with the church organist, a woman, leaving her lonesome hubby behind.

Then another man enters the picture. Handsome hunk Aaron Grant’s wife has just died. Suddenly two men are available and both want her. Mandi is secretly a writer of erotic romances and wonders how Kenyon’s congregation would deal with that. While wondering which man to choose, “the casserole brigade” is hotly pursuing Aaron.

Add in Elvissa Preston, a female Elvis impersonator who’s so bad that she’s good, and you have a hilarious romantic novel full of fun and sexy possibilities.

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Keywords:- Romance, Humor, Bedford, Elvis, Clergyman, New Hampshire, Erotica, Clichés, Small Town, Gossip, Second Chance.

Genres:- Romance.

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