The Bracelet – by S. Alan Schweitzer

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Fate, in the form of a mysterious bracelet, brings Ray Willis face to face with a past life. Its origins are unknown to Ray, but the bracelet renders the power to bridge time and space bringing him to an amazing partnership with his former life as Jason Schindler.

Ray and his alter ego are not the only ones to know of the mysterious properties the bracelet. The Brotherhood seeks out its power also, and the knowledge of all who have come to it – transferred inter-dimensionally through parallel worlds.

Who, or what, is the source of this amazing power? What controls Ray’s destiny in a cosmic quest for control and power?

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Keywords:- Multiverse, Spacequest, Love, Redemption, Nazcalines, Brotherhood, Survival.

Genres:- Romance, Time Travel, Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Adventure.

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