The Boy : And a Child Shall Lead Them – by Trevor Herron

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This is the story of a child but not a child’s story. By 1976 Apartheid had a firm grip on South Africa. All the major protestors had fled the country, or were in jail. It was at this point that the Nationalist Government passed a senseless law that all African education was to be in Afrikaans, a language the Africans considered their oppressor’s.

The students waited in vain for their parents and teachers to protest and finally took matters into their own hands challenging the monolith of Afrikanerdom. There is no doubt that their brave action marked the beginning of the end of an odious system.

The story follows the events surrounding the life of 13 year old Jonah Moloi plotting the exciting events surrounding him in those tumultuous days. Why did some fight so hard to keep him alive and others try so hard to kill him?

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Keywords:- South Africa uprisings, South African protests, South African Freedom struggle, Apartheid, Soweto, 1976, June 16.

Genres:- General Non-Fiction.

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