The Bitter Vetch – by D. L. Calvin

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A psychiatrist who is also a FBI profiler suffers a severe emotional trauma when he finds the badly beaten body of his girlfriend. Her murder pushes him over the edge which eventually leads to acute schizoid mania. Vowing revenge he incorporates the help of his two cousin’s one belonging to the Aryan Nation and the other belonging to the Sons of White Men. Together they develop a diabolical plan to commit genocide on innocent men, women and children across the country. Patiently the doctor waits for the right time to release his anger, and when the CDC declares an influenza pandemic across the country. He strikes as the time is now right to launch his diabolical plan that will kill many thousands. He sends a simple e- mail that reads launch “Bitter Vetch” and North America become embroiled in the worst flu season since 1918. As the plan unfolds hospitals and thousands of people become ill hospitals become death camps and doctors are powerless to stop the plight of human suffering leaving the CDC and its dedicated staff wondering is it the flu or something else that’s claiming the lives of the innocent?

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Keywords:- Genocide Murder, Biggots, Ethic Cleansing, Posion, Influenza, Mortuary, Crematiom, Sons Of Whitemen, Aryan Nation, The Klan, Mental Illness, Pandemic, Cdc, Detective, Fbi, The Surgeon General, China, Thailand.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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