The Best Known Unknown – by John F. Maraglino

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Anyone who has ever stepped onto a playing field, or looked into his father’s eyes seeking solace in an uncertain world, will enjoy this captivating read.

The Best Known Unknown is the memoir of John, a man trying to break away from the depths of depression, and the mental and physical abuse he endured from his family. He was born in 1946 in the Bronx, and as a child clings to the lessons and teachings of his father, as he fights through the dysfunction of his mother’s family.

Stories taught by his father of survival in the streets made John mentally strong, but he lost his father when he was 16. With the lessons he learned, John overcomes the horrors that surround him.

“A romp through one man’s life, with all its attendant joy, sorrow and lessons, The Best Known Unknown brings the reader along for a great ride. With laughter and tears, the irony of life is told from a young boy’s time with his father, to the fields of sport, where honor is earned through the strength of one’s arm and ultimately – the will to overcome.” – N. True Light, pharmacist

“John Maraglino’s storytelling and his honesty and charisma make you root for him – and make this a very enjoyable read! The stories run the gamut from funny, sad, touching, heart wrenching, scary, crazy, ridiculous and beyond! You will LOVE THIS BOOK!” – Dr. Ronald M. Guberman, New York physician

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Keywords:- Best, Unknown, Lessons, Dysfunction, Special, Angel, Bronx.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoir.

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