The Battle of Es-soh-en : The Dulan Archives – Book Two – by Dennis Knotts

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It had been spoken of in whispers for centuries.

It was the hope of the Lands of the Adoni. The very mention of it caused hearts to pound faster, and eyes to fill with tears. David James and Tanya, Knights of Es-soh-en, were drawn into the Lands of the Adoni for their second visit, only to discover two hundred years have passed since they last walked the green fields of Dula. Now at the two hundredth anniversary of the return of Logos, the Talking Sword, a figure appears. He claims to be the Rightful King spoken of in Dulan prophecies. He presents himself to Queen Dianna to test his claim to the throne. Further, He claims that now is the time for the Battle of Es-soh-en.

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Keywords:- Adoni, Teacher, Logos, Es-soh-en, Sword, Kal, tra, Gnomes, Minotaur, Centaur, Unicorn, Water Nymphs, Tree Druids, Children Of Earth, David James, Tanya, Dianna, Dula, Magar, Bormor, The Grey Castle, Lightning’s,  Scar, Valley Of Seven Forests, Janadis, Mountain Of The Sky, Sylar,  Hissen, Gennerroth, Air Walker, Singer, Dig Gen.

Genres:- Fiction Action, Adventure.

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