The Away Place – by ruth tiger

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The Away Place by author Ruth Tiger is the poignant story of a special bond between a man with Down’s syndrome and an idealist doctoral student.

Sarah Richardson, a doctoral student becomes an activist for protecting the rights of mentally challenged adults in the turbulent 1970s.  A deathbed confession from her mother spurs Sarah into action of founding an experimental group home and five institutionalized adults move into her startup facility.  She finds herself drawn to one especially sensitive and gentle man, John, who grew up in an institution never knowing his family.

When tragedy strikes one of the members of the group it ultimately leads Sarah to discover secrets about her mother’s past.  What happened to her mother that will bring Sarah’s past, present, and future to full circle?

Tiger writes with amazing clarity, shifting perspective throughout her narration—the reader sees the experience through Sarah eyes and through John’s eyes.  Tiger’s brilliant novel is rich with emotion, complex characters, and a dramatic ending that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

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Keywords:- Down Syndrome, Institutionalization, Group Home, Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Community Integration, Sheltered Workshop.

Genres:- Fiction, Medical.

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