The Art of SoundBwoi Fu : Enter the 37th Chamber – by O. L. Makk

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The Art of SoundBwoi Fu: Enter the 37th Chamber focuses on Carl Brown, the eldest child of Mack Brown, a direct descendant of a rogue Archangel.

Carl is an influential teenager who wavers between being a positive role model for his younger siblings and establishing his dominance among his peers through violence. In the 37th Chamber, the historical roles that blacks and whites play are reversed. Carl’s Father, Mack, a respected borderline alcoholic, is a city-wide high school football legend that blames all of his life’s shortcomings on black people and passes on his skewed philosophies to his five children through drunken rants and displays of violence.

The Art of SoundBwoi Fu is philosophical, blunt, truthful, and insightful. For adventurous readers who have an open mind and want a fresh view of the 3rd Dimension, the novel can lay a foundation for enhanced thought processes and open doors to higher realms of thought.

The story encompasses conflict management and sound decision making, as well as the electromagnetically charged battles between the inhabitants of the 37th Chamber who have decided that violence provides them the best solution to their problems.

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Keywords:- Fiction, Philosophy, Christian, Creation, Metaphysics, Action, Adult.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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