The Adventures of Ryan and His Magic Carrot – by Ted Peachey

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Ryan and Frank are two rambunctious, fun-loving eight-year-old boys. The two love to go on adventures and are forever making up stories where they are whisked off to faraway places. If they’re not exploring, they’re playing football. Whatever these two are doing, you can be sure it will be fun; their imaginations will have it no other way!One day, Ryan and Frank stumble across a carrot. Upon first inspection, it appears to be like any other ordinary carrot, but as they examine it more closely, a power emits from it. This carrot is no ordinary vegetable; this carrot is magical. The two boys go from their idyllic backyard in England to all sorts of places with the carrot. Where will the two end up? What adventures will they have?

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Keywords:- Magic, Carrot, Wizard, Football, Criminals, Police, Handcuffs, Mystery, Adventure, Prpmises, Demonstration, Charade, Mororbike, Seaside, Dinghy, Coastguard, Helicopter, Ambulance, Paramedics, Airport, Hostage, Hijackers, Parents, Over And Out, Stewardess, Cockpit, Suspicous. Thanks. Ted Peachey.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Action and Adventure, Social Situations, Friendship

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