The ABCs of Program or Project Planning – by Sunny O’Flynn

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The health of populations within communities is challenged daily, almost at an alarming rate.
The ABCs of Program or Project Planning will help students of health care understand organizational development for a workable community health care plan.
In order to offset the many dilemmas health care providers are faced with, students must identify community needs by priority, start with the basics, research the facts, and organize the findings.
The organization that develops will blossom by having concerned, hard-working participants working under a collaborative effort.
The trend in health care has been for prevention and maintenance, as opposed to treating only the acute situation. So it is a particular challenge to make this information understandable, as well as meaningful for RNs who mostly work in an acute care setting or have never had experience on a community level dealing with the health of the public at large.
This book provides the student information necessary to step out of the box and learn something different.

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