That’s Just the Way It Is (9781606931189) – by Bobbie Cordero

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This story is told through the fresh and simple style of a 5 year old little girl. The story shows the real life situation that is the result of shared parenting and how a father’s impact can remain consistent, positive and invaluable in the life of his child. It conveys the unselfish, involved, loving nurturing, and critical relationship between a father and his daughter. It gives the message that even though a child may find themselves in a separated or divorce situation, that she can find a way to better accept life, divorce ,separate homes and that all of these situations can be ok.

The words and actions show that the little girl has learned that a lot of things in her life are a certain way and she accepts it as “That’s Just The Way It Is.”

This little book may be enjoyed by children whose parents (particularly fathers ) are no longer together. It is designed to show that both parents usually love their children equally and that fathers are responsible parents too.because “the best parent is two parents.”

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