That House: The Architect – by Anthony Elliott

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A wealthy father of three daughters decides to build the perfect house. Following the death of his wife in childbirth, the grieving man hires an architect to build a new home that his daughters will love. Afterward, they can all start a new life.

The architect builds such an unusual house that it becomes the talk of the neighborhood, and is known simply as That House. As That House illuminates the sky, it becomes a place of hope for a struggling family.

This inspiring novel is the first in a series, and will enlighten, entice, and encourage parents and school-age children. This is the perfect book for parents to read to their children; it will help kids to understand the many different career paths open before them, including the creative field of architecture.

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Keywords:- Children, Architect, Careers, Family, House, Lights, & Educational.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings.

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