Tale Of The Rock Pieces (9781606937785) – by Allan Bard

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To be a ten year old boy in the ancient times was definitely something no one would strive for… Being a ten year old boy, Bren knew that very well. Actually, he was certain even the experienced warriors or the skillful wizards were thinking the many dangers in their world would scare anyone of them too… As to cope with the many hordes of Brown faces, or their horrible freelancers – the cave bears, the Fiery men, the flying korks, the fish-keepers, the one-eyeds, and some of the other evil human races, was a task as horrible as the brown-skinned warriors’ cracked faces…

But the most dreadful news was that Bren, the youngest one amongst his kind-hearted, but desperate people, had to save all the good creatures in the antiquity. Unfortunately, even the most experienced wizards couldn’t tell how the young boy could do that…

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