Tag, You’re It (9781606930120) – by Caroline Randall

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Hey! Look what I found!” I should have known there’d be trouble when I saw Judi standing there, holding a pick axe in her hand. If I’d had any sense I would have gone home right then and there. But, being curious, I stayed. It would turn out to be one of those moments that could change your life forever.

That’s how it always was with Judi and me. I can definitely say there was never a dull moment between us. And this instance was definitely no exception. As I turned to face the street I heard a loud WHACK! Instantly I felt something warm trickle down my face like a fountain bubbling over….I remember very little; a scream, Judi’s pale face and the look of horror on it.

The next thing I remember is a lot of screaming and yelling by my aunt, who was conveying her displeasure to Judi’s mom. I could hear my aunt threatening that I would never play with Judi again. Would this be the end of our friendship? After everything we’ve been through? Suddenly I felt sick, and it was not just from the pain…

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