Stone’s Throw Away – by Ben Clement and Norman LoPatin

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Nine-year-old Bobby Fieldstone has everything a kid could possibly want, except for his father’s attention.

In the dynamic new children’s book Stone’s Throw Away, Bobby is a child crying out for love. While his Dad stays busy on his cell phone and computer, precocious young Bobby gets into mischief. When Dad finally takes notice after Bobby’s latest prank, it’s only to send his son away as punishment.
The book is about the cultural differences and family values Bobby learns as a result of staying at the home of one of his father’s African-American employees.
Bobby lives in an exclusive subdivision just outside Detroit, but he learns an important life lesson by spending a week in the inner city. He comes to appreciate what he has at home as well as what can be found only a Stone’s Throw Away.

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Keywords:- Sharing, Friendship, Neighborhood, Social, Poverty, Responsibility, Games.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues.

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