Stargazer: book 2: The Kidnapping – by Barbara E. Pleasant

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The saga continues that began in Stargazer book 1. A science fiction love story, in the universal theme of a Romeo and Juliet story. First love, sexual tension, hidden secrets, forbidden love. Our heroine Vanna is all set to marry Fallon, an alien from a distant planet behind the sun. Vanna’s childhood playmate Austin always thought Vanna was his girl and he planned to marry her. When she refuses his advances, he decides to force her to marry him by drugging and kidnapping her. That’s the only way to get his hands on the money from the diamonds Fallon brought with him to earth, sold, and gave Vanna.

With her unconscious from a chloroform soaked rag, he takes her to a rundown fishing shack in the Charleston, South Carolina marshes and chains her by her ankle to a ring in the middle of the shack floor. He plans to keep her there until she agrees to marry him.

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Keywords:- Kidnapping, Science Fiction, aliens, Sexual, Tension, murder, Secrets.

Genres:- Romance, Science Fiction.

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