Star Crossed – by Deborah J. Higgins

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What happens when two strangers find themselves thrown into a faery spell woven centuries ago? Quite by accident two people meet and are instantly drawn to one another. When Donna Archer and Sean McBryde first see one another, the chemistry between the two attracts the attention of the Faery queen, Gwyneth, as well as that of an evil, mischievous imp called Produth.

From totally different worlds, these strangers strive unknowingly to fulfill a spell of eternal, undying, star-crossed love. But will multi-millionaire, internationally-known rock musician Sean McBryde, be a modern day Celtic warrior strong enough to best the spells of a spiteful Produth to win the heart of his very love-shy, small town, southern schoolteacher, Donna Archer?

Is love undying and never-ending? Come with Donna and Sean on an adventure of a lifetime that moves from the Deep South to exotic Cancun, Mexico, then back as they come to terms with a physical attraction that knows no time boundaries.

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Genres:- Romance.

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