Sons of War: A Civil War Saga – by Carl J. Barger

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Sons of War is the epic tale of a family who immigrated to America from Wurttemberg, Germany in the 1770s.

In 1859, their descendants lived on a one-hundred-acre farm in Moniteau County, Missouri. In the early 1860s, the nation was divided by the Civil War and three sons of the family joined the Missouri 26th Infantry. Their triumphs and hardships were shared with family and loved ones through letters from the battlefields of a war-torn nation.

Sons of War gives insight into what it was like to be a pioneer – their struggles, their successes and failures, their abiding religious convictions – and their dedication in fighting for what they believed.

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Keywords:- Civil War, Soldier, Farmer, Adventure, Intriguing, Love, Historical, Romance, Battles.

Genres:- Romance, Historical Fiction.

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