Some Fine Woman – by Romelle Winters

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He is a modern gentleman. She is Some Fine Woman and is rather an old-fashioned one at that, not at all “that kind of girl.” Jim Bennett tries to change Dolly Flynn’s mind and update her values to fit with the progressive world he inhabits. But the warnings of the nuns who schooled her have lasted well into middle age for Dolly. In her early sixties, she deflects Jim’s attempts to update her conservative mindset.

The two meet accidentally in Concord, New Hampshire, just before Christmas. Dolly has fallen in the snow in front of a supermarket. Both are widowed. Jim, who considers himself the neighborhood senior stud, has singular designs about Dolly. He takes her out several times with the goal of bedding her, but each time something happens to prevent it. Dolly looks upon Jim as a gentleman, not realizing his intentions are not the most honorable.

Can the intensity of love and intimacy reach past youth and into the twilight years, and just how are middle-aged children supposed to react to their parents’ courtship?

Join Jim and Dolly as they discover that life and love in a new century are quite different from the memories they cherish and the past they respect.

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Keywords:- Sandwich Generation, Boomerang Kids, Senior Dating Senior ,Love, Ageing Parents, Nursing Home, Senior Friends.

Genres:- Romance.

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