Solving Mysteries Beyond the Stars – by Vishal Hemrajani

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Have you ever wondered about life on other planets? The existence of soul mates? What happens after death? Our purpose in life? Our reason for being and our place in the cosmos?

These questions are answered in this novel about two friends as they pass through four phases of life. Nelson is a bit of a genius and destined for a big future. Kevin is a quietly anonymous average guy who largely moves through life under the radar.

In the first phase, at age eleven, their big question is about life on other planets. The second phase at age twenty-one, finds Kevin in love and questioning the existence of soul mates. In the third phase, at age fifty-one, Kevin is dealt a cruel blow that leads him to wonder about life after death, while a revelation in Nelson’s life has sent him down an unexpected path. By the fourth phase, at age eighty-one, both are confronted with a shock that leaves neither in any doubt of their theories.

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Keywords:- Purpose, Truth, Meaning, Life, God, Realization, Spirit.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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