Six Long Short Months – by Roger J. Trenchard

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We live in a world built on conveniences such as supermarkets. We climb into our cars to go to the end of the road with no thoughts of the consequences. We are a throw-away society fast clogging up the world.

What are the challenges, fears, and hopes of one man, when most of the world’s population has been wiped out by pandemic? What moral choices will he face when the laws we all live by have gone away?

Twenty-nine-year-old Dr Peter Wykes is about to face the challenge of his life.

After being found guilty of a murder he didn’t commit, Peter is sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years in jail, little knowing that in a few days he will walk free with no one left to stop him. Seeing the horrendous death around him as the survivor finds his way in this new reality, Peter comes across sixteen-year-old Angie Pendleton, and her younger brother, Johnnie.

Seen through the eyes and the thoughts of Peter, this novel foretells what could happen when the world has gone crazy.

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Keywords:- Jail, Pandemic, Freedom, Rats, Travelling, Meeting, Community.

Genres:- Science Fiction.

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