Silver Threads…to Gold – by J. Carroll

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Silver Threads
The Threads of our Lives
Are They Silver or Gold
Does the Lord Have a Hand
In All that You Hold
Is the Truth in Your Heart?
Do You Hold it in Hand
Has the Decision been made…
In an intricate Web
Of Joys and of Sorrows…
To Strengthen Our Hold
Or is it to Spin Silver to Gold

This is the story of Cara McDonald, a woman caught in the mires of the world of men. It is a story of love, betrayal, grief and the faith to rise above it all.

Cara’s journey through life would shatter most people and leave them questioning God’s plan. But beyond the tears of frustration and the laughter of joy in Cara’s life, God in His Infinite Intelligence forges silver into gold.

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Keywords:- Inspiring, tragic, Intrigue, captivating, traditions, poetry, parenting.

Genres:- Fiction, Religious, General.

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