Silkwin’s Edge – by Harvey Bateman and Judy Schwinkendorf

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What would happen if a young man of Cheyenne heritage from an orthodox religious background is offered a gift of healing? Eric Silkwin is that sensitive young man. Faced with the uncertainty of from where this healing force may originate, Eric questions his dedication and spiritual destiny. As he travels through life’s journey, he experiences falling in love, military life, marriage, becoming a father, and the death of someone very close to him. This is when he realizes the path his future must take. Set in the post-World War II era, the story unfolds in a small typical southern town.

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Keywords:- Healing, Silkwin, 1940’s, Illinois, Romance, Air Force, Bible, Faith, Vision, Small Town, Love, Dream, Death, Indian Spirit, Fiction, Drama, Basic Training, Eric, Religion, Doctor, Gift, Novel, Harvey Bateman, Judy Schwinkendorf, Medicine Man, Depression, Cheyenne, Spiritual, Aura, Christian, Texas, Unorthodox, Belief, Repent, Military, Air Force Police, You Cannot Serve Two Masters, Modern Day Apostle, Spiritual Calling, The Lords Instrument.

Genres:- Fiction, Religious, General.

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