Silent Witness To Murder – by Richard Duggan

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John Ryan and his wife B.J. were shocked as they watched Liz Bollinger of Worldwide Cable News inform her TV viewers of a gangland-style shooing. John’s best friend Frank Genovo was gunned down, and John’s father Harry was an unintended victim.

Only one witness saw the shootings. A neighbor was walking her dog late on the night of the incident, and she was able to see and remember everything clearly, exactly as it happened.  She was afraid for herself and her pet, and when she was interviewed by the police she told them it was too dark and she was unable to see anything.

Two Kansas City police detectives eventually arrest a former business partner of Frank Genovo, by the name of Chuck Robertson. Chuck claims innocence, and he pleads with John and B.J. to help him. B.J. hires a private investigator, who proceeds to dig up evidence the detectives conveniently hide or ignore.

With John’s encouragement, along with the cooperation of the county prosecutor, the neighbor witness was finally assured her identity would be protected. She was convinced to reveal the information she had concealed out of fear, and she was able to identify the murderers without fear for the safety for herself and her pet.

After the murder case was concluded, and while the county prosecutor was being interviewed by Liz Bollinger of Worldwide Cable News, he took full credit for concluding the successful murder investigation. He was pleased to take all the credit for solving this difficult murder case – after all, he had agreed to maintain the hidden identity of his star witness and her attorney.

Keywords:-Love, Intimacy, Family Devotion, Husband and Wife Law Partners, Marital Difficulties, Assault, Rape, Revenge.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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