Silent Screams – by D. Cross

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Silent Screams recounts one woman’s painful struggle following a severe psychological crisis. After an attempted suicide reveals the doctor/patient relationship that she has had with her psychiatrist for many years, she takes a look back at her life to understand how she arrived at such a painful and critical point, tracing her background from childhood and including the effects of a long-term physical illness and many emotional traumas.

Believing that a formal education in psychology might help her understand her psychiatrist’s point of view, she enters college, but following graduate school, her life takes a different path when she and her husband have an opportunity to become self-employed. A bitter divorce and a destructive relationship throw her into a long emotional tailspin and it takes some time for her to recover.

She continues to study and work feeling the majority of life’s tests are behind, so she is shocked when a rare, debilitating, and incurable disease begins taking hold, one that will dictate how she must live the rest of her life.

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Keywords:-Personal Memoir, Autobiography, Psychology, Non-fiction.


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