Shy Cheyenne and the Substitute Teacher – by Nikki Yochum

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Cheyenne is a very shy little girl. One day, she walks into her kindergarten class and sees a teacher she has never seen before. Her regular teacher, Mrs. Bells, is out sick and Mr. Brown is substituting for her. It’s a good thing that Mrs. Bells let Mr. Brown know just how shy Cheyenne is, so during attendance, Mr. Brown lets her know that she doesn’t have to be shy around him.Throughout the day, Cheyenne must face a number of different obstacles that help her to overcome her shyness. She must work through her nerves to pick out a book during story time and to tell Mr. Brown that she left her lunch at home. Later, she must again tackle her shyness when she spills her paint on the floor and when Mr. Brown asks her to be the line leader at the end of the day. Will shy Cheyenne be able to overcome her shyness around her substitute teacher?

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Situations, New Experiences, School and Education.

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