Shot in the Dark – by Sum Saxworth

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Shot in the Dark, first in the Dark Steel Novel series, uncovers an explosive government connection arising out of a sequence of sniper murders that lead directly to the presidential candidates for the 2012 elections!

This exciting crime and suspense thriller opens with a nail-biting teaser that will fire up the reader’s imagination. As the story chillingly unfolds, a psychotic killer dancing as a puppet on a string for the highest office in the country, lets loose a reign of terror in the starry city of San Francisco.

Private detective Della Steel is sexy and unpredictable, with a backbone of steel and an affinity with knives. She’s a strong and tech-savvy sleuth who can play as dirty as the big boys. But can she solve the most convoluted and high-profile case of her career, even with the help of handsome psycho analyst Darren Hunt, who fires up her hormones? Will their professional relationship develop into something more exciting, or will the killer mark her first?

This fast-paced suspense novel weaves intricate intrigue with a memorable cast of characters, and cleverly reaches its climax with wit, character, and heart.

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Keywords:- Crime, Thriller, Investigation, Justice, Women, Suspense, Romance.

Genres:- Fiction, Crime.

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