Shipwrecks of Madagascar – by Pierre van den Boogaerde

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Shipwrecks of Madagascar recounts the stories of about a hundred
notable shipwrecks off the coast of Madagascar from ancient to
modern times and the fate and adventures of survivors. It covers
ships of the mighty Portuguese, Dutch, British, and French East
India Companies, of numerous pirates who visited or settled there,
of the British and French Navies, of the sailing vessels and steamers
of the 19th century, and of more recent times. Shipwrecks are
unknown relics for most people. This captivating book provides an
interesting history into the many that occurred and helped shape
Madagascar into the country it is today.

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Keywords:- Madagascar, Maritime History, Underwater Archaeology, Historic Shipwrecks, East India Company, Piracy In The Indian Ocean, Golden Age Of Pirates, Operation Ironclad, Heic, Verenigde Oost Indische Coompanie (voc).

Genres:- Travel, Special Interest, Adventure, Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers.

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