Shiloh Tree – by Scotty Cain

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Barry Tractor makes his living as a field hand on oil rigs, what’s known as a ‘roughneck’. But when he answers a want ad at Custer Petroleum, it turns out the position is for a groundskeeper at oil millionaire Jack Goodstein’s estate. Barry’s instinct is to turn it down, but his interest is piqued by this mysterious and compelling figure sitting across the desk and so he accepts. Turns out the grounds crew is made up of his long-lost childhood friends. Jack turns out to be both a Holocaust survivor and Israeli agent, and Barry finds the summer’s work is actually a journey toward discovery and redemption…

Find out what mysteries and secrets are revealed under the “Shiloh Tree” in this wonderful multi-character study of friendship and love, of tragedy and loss, and the ways in which the human spirit recovers and thrives.

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Keywords:- Roughneck, L.S.D. Truffles, Cheerio’s Lounge, G.T.O., Nazi, Psychologist.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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