Shattered Dreams – by Ruth Mellor

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Shattered Dreams recounts the nightmare every parent fears and the destruction of one young girl’s dreams for the future.

The small, sleepy community of Kidston in far west Queensland is shocked when a young girl named Samantha Finniss goes missing.

Sam is an intelligent, ambitious and well-liked sixteen-year-old who has lived in the town with her parents and two sisters all her life.

This abduction is the first major crime that has ever happened in the town’s history. The police go to extraordinary lengths and travel to all four corners of the 1,730,648-square-kilometer state of Queensland investigating possible sightings of the girl.

Sam’s parents never give up hope that their daughter will be found alive and well. When Sam is eventually found, the townspeople are outraged to see who is responsible for her disappearance. Shattered Dreams comes to a startling conclusion that no one will expect.

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Keywords:- Shattered Dreams, Nightmare, Abduction, Major Crime, Queensland, Samatha Finniss, Kidston.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Crime.

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