Sex and Relationships : A brief Manual for better Sexual Life and Health (9781628570090) – by E.G.L.Bazzeleetta

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Sex and Relationships: A Brief Manual for Better Sexual Life and Health presents basic sexual biological information for both the sexually uninitiated and others, leading to better and safer sexual relationships.

 The manual introduces information promoting safer sex and how to enjoy a happy and healthy sexual relationship.

Read about the do’s and don’ts in Sex and Relationships.

Notes the author, “The subject of sex education is not easy to write about. Sex is part of life, but is rarely talked about.”


This purchase includes both the Kindle (PRC) and ePub formats.

(The two formats cover just about all the e-reading devices available, including PCs, Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, etc. A “readme.txt” file is included in the zip file with more information on how to add the files to different devices.)

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