Serial Separation : A Serial-Killer Mystery/Love Story – by Dick C. Waters

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Why are young men being killed? As body after body washes upon the shores of the New England Coast, police are stymied to find a reason why only torsos are found.

Serial Separation: A Serial-Killer Mystery/Love Story takes a strange twist, as police come to believe these are crimes of passion or revenge committed by women, who may be keeping parts of the bodies for trophies. Set in Boston during the early 1960s when the real-life Boston Strangler was killing women, another serial killer, or killers, may be taking revenge on men.

Scott Tucker, a handsome Harvard student who played hockey with the murdered men, has to join the task force investigating their murder. Also joining the task force is another Harvard student, Mercedes Strong, a beautiful redhead who hopes to join the FBI as a profiler. A winter storm forces the two together on Christmas Eve, and more than the sparks in the fireplace fly. As Scott comes close to locating the serial killer, his own life is put in danger. This powerful murder mystery is awash with suspense and romance.

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Keywords:- Mystery, Fiction, Female Serial Killer, New England, Dismemberment, Amateur Detective, First Love.

Genres:- Fiction, Thrillers General Fiction,Suspense , Crime.

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