Sekwondo : World Taekwondo Federation Taekwondo Initiation for Novices Over the Age of Forty. A Didactical Guide for Trainers and Students – by Prof Jan Lodder, MD, PhD

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This groundbreaking book teaches the Korean martial art Taekwondo to novices above the age of forty. Primarily written for Taekwondo trainers, Sekwondo is also easily understood and useful for the student. Why should one embark on practicing Taekwondo in the second half of one’s life? The reason is simple – you may live longer and healthier. In contrast to many other types of sports, Taekwondo is unique in its dynamic nature. It embodies all the various elements of physical fitness, such as muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, motor speed, and cardio-respiratory function.

With very little material written and available about sensible and safe Taekwondo training for seniors, Sekwondo offers a fun, accessible, and effective exercise program, while introducing a fascinating and transformative discipline.

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