Seeking the Truth – by Chris Lancaster

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Seeking the Truth explores the real truth about our existence; where we came from and why; and who created us. It examines the nature and character of God and how we can come to know Him personally.

In an age of skepticism, this book seeks only the truth, searching for the real meaning and purpose of life. Those looking for the truth will find it a spiritual journey. They will come to know and have a restored relationship with our Creator.

The most ancient of all books, the Bible, is just as relevant today as ever, prophesizing about what will happen in the future, and when the end times draw near.

Seeking the Truth takes readers on a journey of discovery. The author too explores and initiates his own spiritual voyage, a pilgrimage of discovery. Learn the truth about life itself; how and where we came from; and where we are going in the future.

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Keywords:- How Life Began, Cause Or Reason For Our Existence, Is There A God?, Is Life An Accident Or By Design?.

Genres:- Mind, Body & Soul.

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