Seeking Justice – by Chris Hinch

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A burnt-out drug addict running for his life in Vancouver, British Columbia, is shot and left bleeding to death. Hospitalized with time on his hands to think, he finds unexpected strength and resolve to finish one thing: Seeking Justice.

This recovering drug addict, whose strength and willpower surprises even himself, is determined to find and punish the one responsible for the murder of his wife.

Released from hospital, he sets out on his quest. Along the way he stumbles across things that horrify him, but he remains determined to right wrongs and mete out his own form of justice. His vigilantism is sidetracked by a new woman, but she turns out to be just a distraction.

The time has come to rely on the quickness of his mind and the strength of his healing body.

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Keywords:- Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Fiction, Detective, Action.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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