Seeing Through a Glass Darkly : Miracles of Faith Manifested – by Kathy Stevens

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Seeing Through a Glass Darkly offers a rich tableau of intertwined characters, beginning with concentration camp survivors Joseph and Hannah, and Jacob, who is smuggled out of Germany to America by Christians. As they each discover Jesus, a teenage orphan, Ethan, is saved by another character, Mike. Meanwhile, Jacob finds himself in a risky situation with a wealthy man, Mr. Freeman. Jacob calls out to God for help.

When God is in charge of lives, things begin to change dramatically. Mr. Freeman and his wife adopt Ethan, and Mike and Millie are married and become keepers of David’s House, a homeless shelter. When a frightening, mysterious call comes in to David’s House, Millie discovers a little blonde girl in the alley. Mystery surrounds the girl as Mike and Millie notice her regal ways and a song she sings in a foreign language. Who is she, and why was she in the alley? Where is her mother? Is she the missing Polish princess who may be the legal heir to the throne? All of these questions are answered with a surprise twist.

God takes all of our pain, our hurt, our out of control lives and He creates wonderful things for us – if we ask Him.

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Genres:- Fiction, religious.

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