Samuel and the Five Angels – by Dr. Ruby Fung

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“Samuel and the Five Angels is about an evangelist’s personal encounter with five beautiful angels from heaven. It was an Awesome Visitation!

The five angels were messengers from God with messages telling the nations of the world of things to come. These were specific warning messages delivered to the five continents, and many things had already come to pass. Some are happening right now, whilst others are trending toward it.

The book tells in detail of happenings to come and where exactly they will take place. It tells why and what needs to be done! The angels relate God’s messages to all peoples, including you and me. Be ready.

This book is about the Five Angels’ messages to evangelist Samuel Doctorian, who is of Armenian descent. Is there any wonder why you are hearing the trumpet sounding in the sky? 

“The Lord is blowing the trumpet …” says Doctorian.

Says the author, “When I heard the angels report of Samuel from Patmos, my heart and spirit were moved to immediately write for the children. I had not known or met Samuel in person then, but every night after hearing the report, the Holy Spirit would wake me up to write. God works in miraculous ways, bridging people from various parts of the world working together to bring glory to God.” 

To God be the Glory!”

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Keywords:- Angel, Visitation, Nations, Prophecy, God’s Message

Genres:- Educational

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