Rudy, the Wizard of Fumbles, Rescues the Raven Princess, Rosalinda – by Walter Benesch

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Rudy (or “Hey You” as he is usually called) is the eldest child of Willibald and Julia. Willibald is a peasant farmer on the estate of the Baron von Gruzelwitz, two days’ journey from Prague. His wife Julia attended a convent school and wants to pass on her learning to her children. Her greatest success was with “Hey You,” who reads everything.

One day the baron orders Willibald and his family to leave his estate. They settle in Prague, which was then the seat of Emperor Rudolph the II. Rudolph is a patron of the arts and sciences, and a lover of magic and alchemy. Moved by the emperor, Willibald renames his eldest son “Rudolph” or “Rudy” in honor of the emperor.

At 16, Rudy studies at the Prague Technical Institute of the Unnatural Sciences, where he hopes to be certified as a wizard. A bright and eager student, he is often plagued by fits of bad luck when his spells go awry. While other students manage to summon a spirit, Rudy can only summon a bad smell. Thus, he earns the nickname Rudy the Wizard of Fumbles.

This imaginative story takes readers across Europe to the sites of Rudy’s many wizardly fumbles.

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Keywords:- Wizard School, Magic, Chants, Spells, Underworld Spirits, Demons, Devils, Solutions, Hexing, Unhexing.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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