Reality : A Collection of Thought Provoking Poetry – by Pauline Hatton

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What makes people tick? Reality: A Collection of Thought Provoking Poetry is written to cover a wide range of diverse subjects that readers will relate to and enjoy. Teenagers can also become aware in advance of things that could cross their path as they age.

It is a small book that parents can safely share with their children.

Says author Pauline Hatton, “I have felt for a long time there is a lot to be said about life and its characters and the unknown things that people are affected by. This brings out the hidden side of people.”

 Bearing an Australian flavor and English heritage, the poems in Reality: A Collection of Thought Provoking Poetry will be just your cup of tea.

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Keywords:-Relationships, Destiny, Motives, Reading ,Duckling, Aeroplane Passengers, Reality, Permission is Now Sought.



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