Re-Volt : Our Impending Energy Revolution – by Jeremy Gorman

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Energy, the stuff that makes things happen, is everywhere. It comes in many forms. We ignore most of it, and abuse the rest. Two critical types require your attention: your internal energy, the stuff that gets you up in the morning and lets you accomplish things; and commercial energy, the stuff that you buy. Re-Volt! details both of these energy types and invites you to use them to make your world better. It shows you new and underutilized sources of energy that are waiting for enterprising people like you to put to use. Much of Re-Volt! is an invitation for you to get involved and make a difference in the world—your world! It is your guide to saving energy, saving money and having fun doing it. Get involved and enjoy!

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Keywords:- Energy Is Everywhere, Solar Power, Geothermal, Tidal Power, Wind In The Eaves, Ocean Currents, Safe Nuclear Power, Hydrogen, Conservation, The New Electricity, You Can Do It, Water Power, Clean Energy, Dual Sources, Supplemental.

Genres:- Science, Energy.

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