Ravi the Rickshaw : The Monsoon – by Guy Sinclair

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This is the story of how a loveable young auto rickshaw named Ravi learns about the monsoons of India, from his very first customer to his meeting of Sri the truck.

Ravi leaves the factory for the first time with all the other rickshaws as they go off in different directions, discovering and experiencing the sights and sounds of their native country.

This book was created with the intention to teach children about India and its culture, which is not always portrayed in the media. This is an ideal book for any children between the ages of 4-10 as it can be read by children or to them as a unique bedtime story.

Experience and enjoy Ravi’s adventures as he learns his way around incredible India!

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Keywords:- Ravi, Auto Rickshaw, Monsoon, India, Children, Sri, Truck.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, General, Comics & Graphic Novels, School & Education.

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