Rainfrog – by Suzanne Gene Courtney

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Listen to the frogs! The charming children’s story Rainfrog encompasses the first meeting between an imaginative little girl and a tiny rainforest tree frog. A bond forms between the two, and when they are later separated, their attempts to find each other again are heartwarming.

This tender and innocent story leaves readers wondering what will happen next.
While vacationing in Puerto Rico, author Suzanne Gene Courtney heard the tiny tree frogs, called coquies, flood the night air with a constant high-pitched song that kept her awake her first night there. On subsequent nights, the frogs’ singing lulled her to sleep, and this story was born.

“I learned more about the coqui tree frog after reading a National Geographic article about them,” she said. “It was extremely interesting, and I incorporated some of this knowledge into the writing of Rainfrog.”

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship.

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