Rainer’s War – by Gary Sullivan

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In this contemplative yet explosive novel, Chuck Rainer is an experienced Marine serving in Iraq. He questions why the U.S. invaded, because to him, things just don’t add up. It is too much to accept all the young soldiers around him being killed, without seeing a good reason for war. After his discharge, he runs for Congress to get answers. What he discovers will astonish you!

This book is definitely worth the read. You would have to keep in mind of course that it’s fiction. It can give you so many aspects of what potentially could have gone on, not to mention the action and thrills that are in the book.” Tyler Jones, U.S. Army

This book will give readers a prospective of one of the many possibilities that could have gone on with regard to the Iraq war, but if nothing else, the action and the mystery make it a good read. It would definitely give the public something to think about and the reason to get involved civilly in our democracy.Michael Walsh, U.S. Navy

“As a soldier who served several tours in Iraq, I found Rainer’s War to be very refreshing and well worth the read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the potentials of how a war can start, and how and why young men and women are asked to risk their lives.” Sgt. Joel Morgan, U.S. Army

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