Race Rider – by Scott Oliver Hail

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Jack Short is appropriately named. An undersized high school student, he’s not quite five feet tall, but is a scrappy kid just itching for a fight. He finds one with a freshman bigger than he is, and who has been calling him names all year.

Jack is sent home from school. He’s grounded and must finish the year serving in-school and in-home suspension. His father challenges Jack to stop trying to become his six-foot four-inch-tall brother and figure out how to be happy being himself.

Jack’s brother’s college football career ended earlier in the year when he broke his leg. His brother invites Jack to come to Hollywood Park, where he’s working to earn money to stay in school. Jack is soon offered a job as an exercise rider for the race horses, having proven that he’s a natural in the saddle and has a rare affinity with horses.

This is one career where being short is an advantage! Jack is mentored by a retired horse racer and soon starts winning races. Now Jack is slated for the top contests, including the Kentucky Derby.

Enter the exciting world of horse racing in the must-read Race Rider.

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Genres:- Fiction, Coming of Age.

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