Poetic Scriptures : The Gospel of John and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount – by Kay Hinson

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Poetic Scriptures is a paraphrase of the Gospel of John, and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 5-7. It is written in poetry form to provide easy reading that is interesting, easily understood, and can be read in a couple of hours.

These passages of Scripture provide very timely and necessary instructions on daily living to enable us to be pleasing to God.

This poetry was written during two different times while the author was recuperating from some major surgeries, providing her the opportunity to meditate on God’s Word and write down her thoughts as she was healing.

Although Poetic Scriptures was completed and on the shelf for a few years, now it is time to share these thoughts with others. God has provided the opportunity to make this available to the general public. May God receive all the glory that is due Him!

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Keywords:- Scriptures, Jesus, John, Poetry, Sermon, Living, Beatitudes.

Genres:- Poetry.

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